Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Old Willis Place- Mary Downing Hahn

 I think that it was a very good book, well written and that it had a lot of parts that most people could relate to, even people older than 12 years old. I also liked the whole haunted person instead of haunted house thing. Most of the time you see mostly haunted houses or haunted property, but I like the twist. Some things I didn't like about the book are that I don't really like how young the characters are, I mean I realize the book wasn't exactly made for teenagers but in a few of her other books there were 13- 14 year olds, I just think it makes the whole book more childish. I mean you're already reading a "scary book". Another thing I'm not very into with this book is that it's so short! There are still a lot of questions I have that went unanswered. I just think it could have been longer.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

About This Blog

Hello my name is Crystal and this blog is a place for me to post my own personal reviews on books that i have read.